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ChiroUp condition reports can be accessed in 3 different ways:

1. The Patient App: HealthCom.IO – Have your patients download the app onto their smartphone. Their completed report will have their own unique login & password.

2. Email the report

3. Print the report. – The patient app is the best way for your patients to access their reports & exercises. It gives them automatic access to their treatment & exercise videos, it allows you to send them push notifications that will remind them to complete their exercises & it tracks their compliance. Additionally, 30 days after, they will get a reminder to take their survey & rate you on Google.


Patient’s can access their video exercise demos 2 different ways:

1. The patient app: HealthCom.IO.

2. Manually log into Healthcom.io with the username & password located on their completed report. The best way for your patients to access their exercises plans is to download the app. The app will track what videos they’re watching and completing every day. It also allows you to send reminders to their phone to do their exercises which means better patient compliance & overall satisfaction! Find out how to download the patient app here!


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