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The HealthCom app and website allow your patients to view their prescribed exercises. Providers may choose one of two viewing alternatives.

1. Show Current and Upcoming Exercises – This setting allows patients to view current and future exercises on their HealthCom app. This is best for providers who desire a “set it and forget it” option that allows you to progress exercises verbally, with no need to re-access the patient’s file. This is the default setting for all new accounts.

2. Show Current Exercise only – This is the option for providers who do not want their patients to see “upcoming” exercises in the app. With this option, progression of exercise plans will require that providers manually move exercises from the “upcoming” queue into the “current” column.

For a tutorial, please see the FAQ How to update or modify exercise plans.

To change your exercise viewing preference, click on the My Account icon in the top right green header bar. Select the Report Preferences tab, then toggle the “Display Current and Upcoming Exercises on Patient App” to your desired setting. Orange indicates that both current and upcoming exercises will be displayed.

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