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How Do I Increase My Number of Google Reviews?

Unless you opt-out of Outcome Tracker®, your most satisfied patients will automatically have the opportunity to rate your practice on Google. There are a few things that you can do to maximize your number of reviews. Google your practice name to make sure your Google...

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How do I request a new exercise for the ChiroUp library?

To request a new exercise for the ChiroUp library, please send an unplagiarized written exercise description plus a demo (either an existing video link, or a quick smartphone video of you or someone else performing it). We’ll re-record your video in our studio and let...

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How Do I Attach PDFs to My Condition/Exercise Reports?

ChiroUp allows you to attach your favorite PDFs to your printed condition reports. Step 1: Import the PDF to your ChiroUp database. Navigate to the Forms Library located under the Practice Resources Open the Condition Report attachments accordion, then click on Add...

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How Do I Update or Modify My Patient’s Exercise Plans?

Exercises are initially prescribed by creating condition reports or exercise plans. In order to change or modify your patient’s report after it’s been sent, simply, navigate to Patient Data under the Patient’s & Reports Tab. Select the patient you want to update...

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