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The CURES Act of 2021 established regulations for the sharing and use of medical information via online software. Essentially, the act will allow any app developer to request electronic patient data from any provider for incorporation into a one-stop personal healthcare portal (i.e., MyChart®). Providers who receive a request from a patient must provide such electronic data promptly to avoid information blocking infractions. (At present, there are no significant monetary penalties for provider infractions; however, the information blocking fine for a certified EHR developer is one million dollars per infraction.)

To comply with the CURES act as of 04/05/2021, a provider’s electronic platforms must provide access to electronic health information when requested, including patient demographics, vitals, daily progress notes, lab, imaging, and various other trackable and measurable results*. The ChiroUp database would not include any additional required data components outside of what is stored in the provider’s EHR. This means that when your EHR complies with the CURES act, you should not need to export anything additional from your ChiroUp database. 

*A complete list of the current data set requirements can be found here.  Appointment and billing information will be added to the data set in 2023.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any chiropractic-based EHR that presently provides the required interface. This means individual providers whose EHR does not comply may be required to fulfill every information request manually. 

While ChiroUp cannot help providers with the vast EHR requirements, our platform will soon allow your ChiroUp data to be exported in the event of a patient request. ChiroUp’s upcoming Version 3 will accommodate requests for electronic data transfer to any secure portal. Exporting the limited data set stored in ChiroUp will not eliminate the need for comprehensive export from your other electronic platforms, i.e., EHR. We would encourage providers to contact their EHR for compliance updates.

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